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Get top-class building security services in Brisbane with MSE Security.

MSE Security is the trusted name for reliable building security services in Brisbane. Like all of our services, we support both residential and commercial sectors.

We’re proud to have renowned experts who understand the importance of a comprehensive security strategy for your property. So that we can action security procedures specific to your needs, all of our building security specialists are equipped with the latest tools and technology.

With MSE Security, you can be confident with completely controlled entry and exit procedures, along with an efficient flow of access to your property.

MSE providing security services in Brisbane to a shopping center
MSE security at Belmont Private Hospital

Why choose use?

We’re Brisbane’s most unique building security service provider.

MSE provides unmatched building security services in Brisbane to ensure all areas of your property are monitored and protected. We hire only the best, trained and licensed permanent staff. Why? Because looking after our people ensures they provide you with top-notch on-site building security.

  • We have fully insured staff committed to your safety.
  • Their expertise and resources combine to secure your propety to the highest standard!

Choose us as your number 1 for building security in Brisbane. We’ll create a customized security solution designed for your safety and satisfaction.

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Experience the Highlights of Our Building Security Services

Licensed and Experienced Guards

Our team of licensed and highly experienced security guards undergo a rigorous training and screening processes upon hire. This ensures they’re equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to handle any security challenge.

The investment we pour into our staff gives us complete confidence that you can trust that our guards are committed to top-notch security services.


Access and Monitoring Capacity

We understand the importance of controlling access to your property. Our building security services include efficient access control systems, ensuring that only authorized individuals have entry to your premises. Additionally, we have the capacity to monitor your property through advanced surveillance technology.

This means we can detect and respond to any security concerns promptly.


Friendly and Helpful Team Members

We work with a team of friendly and approachable professionals who are dedicated to delivering outstanding customer service. By focusing on positive relationships with you, our client, we’re able to provide you with the support and assistance you feel you need. Because we are always customer-focused, you’ll be treated with respect and professionalism at all times.

Choose MSE Security for licensed guards, effective access control, and a friendly team that is always ready to assist you.

Contact us today to experience the difference our services can make for your property’s security.

Alarm Response Security at Alexandra Hills Shopping Centre

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