Reliable Retail Security in Brisbane

Hire the best security company in Brisbane to provide you with comprehensive retail security.


Look no further than MSE Security. We’re home to some of the best retail security officers, who’re:

  • Impeccably trained
  • Specialised in loss prevention
  • Competent to adapt to a wide range of safety and security solutions
Security in Cleveland provided by MSE Security
MSE Security providing security services in Cleveland

Our Retail Security Service in Brisbane is All-encompassing

When you hire MSE Security, we offer a wide range of services including:

  • Assistance in evacuation management
  • Handling medical emergencies
  • Traffic control
  • Handling irate and disgruntled customers
  • Investigating damage and assisting authorities in case of common fights and assaults.

We didn’t get a name as the best security company in Brisbane by walking around and looking busy.

Our security officers are qualified experts who work inside and outside of the retail industry to keep their skills sharp so that they can act swiftly in any security situation.

The Best Retail Security Service in Brisbane

At MSE Security, all our security personnel are trained to handle any situation professionally, with a sense of calm and composure.

They’ll intervene in the best way possible to prevent some situations from even unfolding, and to stop the snowball effect of more significant events.

Our retail security services include:

  • Reception/Concierge
  • Gatehouse and loading dock management
  • Control Room Operations
  • Mobile Patrols
  • Stationary Access Surveillance & Control
  • Remote Video Monitoring
  • Electronic Solutions

This all-encompassing nature of our service makes us your one-stop retail security solution in Brisbane.

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